Making America GODLY Again

Making America Godly (Or MAGA1 is PRIORITY#1)

Looking Back To See The Way Forward
Therefore, anyone who hears the words of mine, and puts them into practice, is like a man who built his house upon a rock. The rains came down, the streams rose, the winds blew and beat against the house; yet, it did not fall because it had it’s foundations on the rock. But everyone who hears the words of mine, and does not put them into practice, is like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain came down. The streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against the house, and it fell with a great crash.
Matthew 7:24-27

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Someone have asked me why I wrote the book Rock Solid Living In A Quicksand World-Rewind.  There must be a billion books out there. So, what’s the point? I  give a detailed explanation at the beginning of the book, and I hope you go to your online bookstores like Barnes and Nobles, Books a Million, Apple- I-tune or even Amazon to get a copy. I hope you take time tor find the answer; however, I would like to share a few ideas with you. The USA, and all of Western Civilization, are in some serious trouble. It really is time to awaken and right ourselves.

Consider “The Pillars of Society.”

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The Cross Tipped Over

Pillars of our culture, are crumbling: Families are breaking apart and being  redefined. Our educational systems are costing more than ever with horrific failing results. Religious institutions need reforming, revitalizing, renewing, reviving or transforming. Media pollutes our society with bad information or addictive pornographic presentations.  Our government agencies are in disarray, spending 20 trillion more than we have, as well as having two hundred trillion unfunded liabilities. Our military has become one huge dysfunctional social experiment, even though it keeps on winning battle after battle. Arts and entertainment should make people blush with shame, but our moral compasses have devolved our ability to even feel shame. Scientist and medical personnel are aborting babies, harvesting their body parts and selling them on the open market.  Social media giants censor Christians, or any others, who hold to values that once made America God revering people. It seems that we increasingly are forgetting God. It’s as if our Cross has tipped over.

Slipping and A Sliding

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Our Foundation More Than Just A “Religion.”

This is sending  our once moral and Christian nation careening down a slippery sloppy slope of self destruction. Yes, I know that modern revisionist historians want to tell us that we were never a Christian nation, and they want to dilute the clearly Christian foundation of our founders into the quagmire of deism. This is patently false. Check out the quote from Patrick Henry. He really is going out of the way to state “strongly” &  “often” that these United States of America were founded by “Christians,” and not a bunch of religionist. He also wants to make it crystal clear that it wasn’t founded by just some religion but “on the gospel of Jesus Christ!” Judaism, with it’s Ten Commandments, definitely did contribute in a major way; yet, Christians were the main driving force behind those “unalienable rights” by which we were “endowed by our Creator.”

I Am Talking About More Than M.A.G.A!

Make America Great Again Flag Cap - Black
More Than MAGA

I know that we have a political movement that is crying out for us to “Make America Great Again.” I don’t see anything wrong with such a goal, however, what I am trying to say is that our hope is in something far more relevant, reverent and even more than a little revolutionary, if not revivalistic. I am talking about, in my book, about America getting itself set on the rock solid foundation of authentic spirituality and grace. I am talking about Making America Godly Again,  through the teachings of Jesus, who is the Christ.  If we do, Jesus is crystal clear what will happen.  We will stand up to anything that storms against us individually, collectively, nationally and culturally. And this power to stand will flow out from America to the rest of the world.  So, in essence, we will moving the world toward greatness again; however, if we fail to do so, we will collapse into a foundation-less culture leading to our own demise.

Let’s choose life. Let’s choose to have a foundation. Learn more. Go get a copy of Rock Solid Living in a Quicksand World-Rewind. Let’s  make this PRIORITY 1, Let’s make this MAGA1. Let’s Make America Godly Again! Let’s bring a reformation and revival to Planet Earth.

God Bless You

Chaplain Al McGowen

Rock Solid Covenant Life Group Coming Soon To FAC!

Covenant Life Group Begins September 23rd 9:15-10:15
First Alliance Church of Lakeland
1919 E. Edgewood Drive
Lakeland Florida, 33813


Below are  faces of some of the Children of God … sadly I couldn’t get all of all of the pictures on this blog .. who are about to grow in grace together at Lakeland First Alliance Church. FAC is located 1919 East Edgewood Drive, Lakeland, Florida 33813.  Each one of these plus, plus some others, are about to begin on a journey together in a Koinonia fellowship. This Covenant Life Group will be a larger class — with smaller groups set up within the group —  seated together around round tables (as opposed to long rectangular tables.) This Koinonia Structure of learning, from the Creator,  blessed the first century church immensely, and it enhanced spiritual renewal and growth; furthermore, this fellowship learning really can help facilitate the Holy Spirit being our teacher as we grow together.

Some of Our Covenant Life Group … But Not All.


Meanwhile, retired USAFR and VA Mental Health Chaplain, And an “Old School” United Methodist Clergy, Alfred M. McGowen, will do all in his power to get out of the way of what the Holy Spirit wishes to accomplish. He will use modern audio visual equipment, small group interaction and larger group assimilation of ideas, to prayerfully enhance spiritual vitality in all who gather together to hear from God what HE is saying through The Holy Spirit. Jesus really has something to say to us today. For HE teaches us 21st century and Ancient Wisdom that is straight from the Holy Scriptures! If applied, Jesus teachings will put our lives on a rock solid foundation for present day living that will makes us eligible for eternal life living. We will learn more about this in the group sessions.

Save Someone From Storms of Life

The Cross Saves Us
Save Someone From Shipwrecking Their Souls

There is still time to sign up! I hope you will tell a Friend, Relative, Associate or Neighbor about Rock Solid Living In A Quicksand World-Rewind. I hope you will tell them about this Koinonia Group … this Covenant Life Group. The early church grew by leaps and bounds when Gods authentic Koinonia entered into the mix, and when Friends invited friends, Relatives invited Relatives, Associates invited Associates and Neighbors invited neighbors, and they did so consistently. I call this “FRANgelism.” I personally observed how powerful FRANgelism can be for any church. You may hear more about this during orientation. Who knows what God will do?

So get ready for something special to happen in your life, if you listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church, especially if you are listening for your personal message that God wants you to apply. Remember that God really does want us to “Hear What The Spirit Is Saying To the Churches” which clearly includes you and me.

God Bless You.

Respectfully Shared By

Chaplain Al McGowen


Sunday: Book Signing Class Sign Up @ First Alliance Church, Lakeland

While I am waiting for my publishers to get some publishing issues resolved, and while I am waiting for the E-book to come out. I am wondering if you will go ahead and check out either Apple I-tunes, Google Play, Books a Million, Ingram, Spring Arbor, Amazon or Barnes and Noble for Rock-Solid Living in a Quicksand World Rewind.

Or You Can Come By First Alliance Church of Lakeland, Florida

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Or you can come by First Alliance Church in Lakeland, Florida to sign up for the class that is coming this fall.  Get your own personal signed copy. The class has the same name as the book, and this is your last chance to sign up and get this discount.  If you sign up for the class this next Sunday, August 12th, 9:30 AM or 12 Noon, you will get the book a a significantly reduced price. Supplies are limited, and it is first come, first serve; therefore, you may want to get there first.  Also, join us for worship at 10:30 AM.

This book is indeed great read, and with 73 people being shot and 11 murdered on the streets of Chicago just this past weekend (August 4 & 5,) the need for this books message is even more timely. Jesus really does point us back in order for us to have a life giving future.

Check out this video.

God Bless You.

Chaplain Al McGowen