R.E.S.T: In The Eternal

God Has Placed Eternity In The Human Heart Ecclesiastes 3:11

Spiritual Blindness

All too many people have a very short sighted and miniscule perspective: Each making the huge faulty decision that they are the master of their own destiny, and they even pontificate “its about the journey and not the destination.” Eternity simply does not matter to them. They have eyes, but they don’t see. They are spiritually dead and blind.

Stinking Thinking

Therefore, mere human beings decide, for themselves, what is right and what is wrong; meanwhile, for them, God’s grace, and judgments, are relegated to a fictitious value system which, in eternal reality, actually flies in the face of God’s Eternal Judgment, as well as God’s Eternal Purposes. God’s Prophets have declared His Eternal Judgment about this kind of stinking thinking: What they think is right is definitely eternally wrong. And what they perceive is wrong, the Creator clearly says is right.


Never Forget that God has placed eternity in each human heart. Focus on this vital truth. Seek God regarding His will for your here and now and eternity. Do so in order that you will not miss out on Heaven and a full life hope, here and now, through faith in Jesus the Messiah. Failing to do so will leave you to “Eat, drink and be merry!” But then it will surely happen: “Tomorrow you will surely die.” Eternity is VERY real. And you Eternal destination is real. And it matters what choices you make now!

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today will give you the Eternal perspective you need to live in the beauty of holiness without which no one will see the Lord. Let go and let God guide you one day at a time, from now to eternity. Gain God’s Eternal perspective.

I offer this Eternal hope and God perspective. I offer you this Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today, In Jesus Name

Why not R.E.S.T. in the eternal?


R.E.S.T: June 6, 1944 D-Day

Remember The Greatest Generation

Today, the generations, who are benefitting from what the people of D-Day accomplished, barely even know what happened on that day. In a nutshell, thousands died, and many more were scarred for life by the, visible and invisible, wounds of war they received that day. We can actually experiece R.E.S.T. because of their sacrifice.

May We Never Forget!


R.E.S.T: God Will Take Care of You His Child

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

What is going on in your life today? Are things good, bad, happy, 😔 sad 😔? Are you weak 😢 strong, feel 👍 ok 👌? Is everything right, in between or wrong? Whatever the case may be, if you are a Christ Follower, no matter what … you are never alone. Embrace this vital truth: Trust God, through faith in His Son, let The Holy Spirit flow through you. “Have a little talk with Jesus,” He WILL work it out.

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today.


R.E.S.T Your Final Answer

“There is, now, laid up for me a Crown of Righteousness.”

The Scriptures above,found in 2 Timothy 4:7, represent some of the last words ever written by The Apostle Paul. This could very easily be a self written obituary. From these words, we can see that, no matter what else happened to him, he was, indeed, a man experiencing R.E.S.T. He was experiencing Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today in his closing days of his earthly journey.

Use Your Imagination

Imagine your life — as was Paul’s — is coming to an end. Imagine you know your final day is near. Imagine you have been asked to write your obituary. Take this seriously: What would you like it to say about you as a Follower of Jesus The Christ? 🤔

Now, please answer these questions: Are your present life priorities in line with you finishing your journey well? Are you fighting the good fight as you represent the Lord? Are you keeping the faith 🙏 Are you finishing your race in a God pleasing way? Are you securely assured, as you go to meet your maker, that there is laid up for you a Crown of Righteousness which is laid up for you in Heaven? Or do you need to get your priorities right?

Think About It. Write about it. Respond, according to God’s transforming power and will. Then R.E.S.T!


**Thanks to “Our Daily Bread” for the inspirational input and Idea 💡

R.E.S.T. In This Hope:

“The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth.” Jesus

The Whole World Has Gone Crazy

A part of me is grieving. You see, as I predicted, our civilization’s foundations are crumbling. 😞 This is happening because those who ignore the life giving teachings of Jesus, reject the liberating limits of God’s Law, and who choose to be lawless, while worshipping the creature, rather than the Creator, and who follow what Jesus calls “The Broadway,” are leading huge numbers to follow them into death and destruction; meanwhile, these folks continue to live as if right is wrong and wrong is right.

But There Is Good News

Nevertheless, their is good news for those of us who have decided to follow Jesus! He offers you and me “Stepping Stones for Victorius Christ Centered Living!” And those of us, who choose to walk on this rock-solid path, are people Jesus, Himself, calls “Meek.” What is meek a person? This is a person who yields ourselves to God, through Christ, by the power of The Cross, which involves, Jesus’s death burial AND resurrection! Meek people live by faith in God’s eternal Holy Covenant 🙏 allowing God’s Holy Spirit to empower us to live fully for HIM!

And There IS More!

“The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth 🌎 ” When this happens the Earth will not be alienated from God. Sin and death will be no more on the Earth! And it will not be broken in ANY WAY! Check this out:

The Earth will be FILLED with the glory of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters that cover seas.” WOW!

Let’s Unpack This Eternal Promise

Think about what is going to happen as God’s Kingdom comes fully on the Earth: There is coming a Kingdom day, when God’s Saints, you and I, will have 💯 % pure fellowship with God and with one another! Not one thing will hinder this from happening! Consider this as well: The word translated as “knowledge” can also be translated as “experience;” therefore, we will be gloriously privileged to experience God in unimaginable and delightful ways! His wonder filled presence will abound in us, with us, and through us! HALLELUJAH!


Almighty God,

May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on Earth 🌎 the way it is done IN Heaven! We pray this 🙏 in Jesus Name 🙏 🙌 Amen 🙏

Now, go explore and experience Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today! Then R.E.S.T. In This Eternal Hope.