Nothing Is More Powerful Than God

As we struggle with all that is going on in the world, we know this to absolutely true: There is NO ONE and NO-Thing more powerful than God… PERIOD.   R.E.S.T in this absolute truth.

Yes, this is the President of The United States saying this, “From The Bully Pulpit.” (President Theodore Roosevelt) And whether or not you like him, please give this prayerful consideration. For what he is saying is true, and if we live this truth, God will bless America Again.

Concerns Regarding Local United Methodist Church Property

Please pardon the freeze frame facial expression :+}

February 2019

  1. The Special Session of General Conference of The United Methodist Church
  2. Who will actually control your local United Methodist Church facilities? 
  3. This will be largely up to the outcome of this General Conference.
  4. Gain control of your local church property.

Please Consider This Video: It  Explains Why I think This Is Important

Trust ONLY The Progressives Actions … Not Just Their Words.
They Commonly Re Define Words.

R.E.S.T In The Security That You Can Maintain Your Home Base In The Lord.


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