R.E.S.T: What Does It Mean: Part One?

What Does It Mean: Part One?

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
Matthew 16:24

A Profound Teaching of Jesus

Jesus, in this teaching, is making profound statements: He is spelling out clearly what He expects of people who wish to know Him as Savior, and also know Him as Lord; therefore, it is vital we, who want eternal life, be clear on precisely what Jesus means as He declares this big “IF” that makes possible for human beings to truly be Christ Followers and reap the glorious benefits of Eternal Salvation.

In the coming blogs, we will share together what this big “IF” means. We will discuss what denying ourselves means, and then we will look at what following Him means, and how important it is to really understand what His teachings say to us in. Matthew 16:24.

What Is the Big Deal About These Six Words?

Jesus is talking to men who are in the process of leaving their old lives behind, and He is talking to you and me. The topic is of utmost concern to Jesus, as well as to most of these folks; however, I fear that, today, there are people who are not hearing Him. Sadly, too many are diluting Jesus heart felt requirement for being what we, in the 21st century, call “Christian.”

Nevertheless, Jesus is clear in what He is saying, and it is vital to understand what He means by sharing these six words “IF.” Here is what His “IF” statement means: The only way to actually be a true believer, or disciple of Jesus, requires we walk in accordance with the instructions He is giving. Failure to follow these instructions, and to claim to believe in Him, is an anemic non-Christ centered faith. It is not true believing. After all the devils believe, and they tremble. (James 2:19b) I can tell you, for a fact, these demons/devils, didn’t follow these instructions laid out by Jesus; therefore, Jesus is, by this “IF” teaching, clearly laying out the parameters of authentic belief.

There is more to come


R.E.S.T: Becoming

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today: BECOMING

Psalm 127:1 Amplified
Unless the Lord builds the house, anyone attempting to build it their way, in their strength, using only their mere human skill, is really wasting God’s, and their, time trying to build it. It won’t happen. If the Lord is not, Himself, guarding it, and protecting it, and people try to be the guards, they will fail miserably.


In my life, I have learned the importance of abiding in Christ, and He in me. Jesus describes this relationship, with Him, as being like a branch that is a part of a vine. The branch absolutely cannot be alive, nor can it produce fruit, apart from the vine. Therefore, Jesus strongly declares absolute truth: “Apart from me you can do NO-thing!”

Something to Consider

Consider this, in light of building a home, a life, a relationship, a family, a church, a nation or a culture: Based on the Jesus “Vineyard Principle” above, and the emphatic, and emperative, teaching of Psalm 127: 1, it’s no wonder there are so many broken homes, dysfunctional relationships, torn up families and dying churches, that simply won’t grow. It’s no wonder our nation is dying, and its foundations are crumbling. Finally, it’s not surprising our civilization is coming apart at the seams, where right is considered wrong, and wrong is considered right.


Only through life, in Christ, and ONLY through cooperating with God’s plan, can we have life, be healthy/holy, and grow. Only as we surrender to God’s will, God’s Word and God’s way, as we allow HIM control, can we truly be full of life, bear His fruit and grow. Anything else results in selfishness, brokeness failure, corruption and death.

Think about it.

Think about it: God wants life for us! God wants holiness for us! God wants wholeness for us! God wants us to be fruitful! Yes! He really wants us to succeed! And He wants us to grow! His will can be done in us , if we let Him do the building, of us, and if we let Him build through us, as we surrender and “become,” according to His will and His way!

The Miracles of Grace

The miracles of grace, that produce eternal growing fruit, will occur IF we let go, and we let God be in control, as we abide, or remain, in Jesus and He in us. All the attempts at controlling things by developing plans, programs, and procedures, without taking up the Cross and following Him will never succeed.

Do You Want To “Become?”

Now You Know How To Begin?

Or do you want to keep doing the same dysfunctional thing, repeatedly and expect a different result. 🤔

God leaves the choice to you: He leaves, before you the ability to choose death or life. CHOOSE LIFE!


R.E.S.T: Heaven

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today. HEAVEN

1 Corinthians 2:9-10

This is for the faithful, who Love God, and who come to God, through The Lord Jesus Christ. This is for those who obey HIS Word, and who, by God’s Eternal Covenant of Grace, are empowered to Keep His Commandments. As Jesus said. “IF you love me, you WILL keep my commandments.”

Counterfeit Spirituality Matthew 7:13

People who have developed a so called “progressive, enlightened broad minded” spirituality, based on the precepts of man/woman, which is a counterfeit spirituality, cannot comprehend this. Nor will they experience this blessed hope. And it doesn’t matter how “progressive”they declare themselves to be. See Matthew7:13.

The “Lord, Lord” People Of Matthew 7:21

People who call Jesus Lord, but do not do God’s will, are at an extremely dangerous place of not having this glorious experience. Jesus made this crystal clear in what is known as, “The Sermon on The Mount” in Matthew 7:21

For Those Choosing “The Straight & Narrow: Matthew 7:13-14

Only those who follow “the straight and way,”which Jesus tells us He wants us to choose, will enter into these glorious eternal life experiences. He actually says only a few will choose this way.

My Hope

My Hope is that all, who read this, will repent of their sins, turn to Jesus,The Savior of The Entire World. And I hope each one will do, as I decided to do, for I have decided to follow Jesus. For I know my own righteousness is like filthy rags. I know that The ONLY Savior, of human kind, is Jesus. My hope is that each one will believe in Jesus, receive Jesus, and genuinely make Him Lord and become empowered, by God’s wonderful grace, to do God’s will. 1 Corinthians 15:10. Yes it is my hope that 1 Corinthians 2:9-10 will become a promise– God’s Heaven Promise — that God has made especially for you.


R.E.S.T: In Christ’s Freedom

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

Galatians 5:1

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then and don’t let yourself be burned by a yoke of slavery!

Deny yourself (turn from sin that enslaves you — which is breaking God’s law — ) Place your life completely, in God’s hands, through faith in Jesus the Christ. Embrace His teaching that sets us free (John 8:31-36,) and become free indeed! Live free, INDEED!