Welcome To J.O.Y (Jesus Occupying You)


Greeting From A SoJourner: You Do Not Walk Alone

Welcome to a place of spiritual rest and a place where you can experience a life time, one day at a time, of the teachings of Jesus. His grace filled teachings will keep your life on course, and they will give you a sure foundation for eternal life living. When storms of life assail you, and trauma comes against you like a Cat-5 Hurricane, if you listen to Jesus Teachings, and live by them, nothing can cause you to fall. You will enter into God’s REST (Rock-Solid-Eternal-Spirituality-Today.) This entire site is about empowering you to live authentically by the resurrection power that God offers to all who believe.

You Gotta Get This Book

Let me also encourage you to go buy a book that can make all the difference in the world in your life. It is called, Rock Solid Living In A Quicksand World-Rewind.  This is  the second edition of this book, but it is much improved. I say this because it is designed for small groups to go through one chapter at a time, and each chapter has, at the end of the chapter, “Pebbles of Wisdom” to help each person grow in grace, assimilate wisdom and live by the resurrection power of the true and living God. So, go to amazon.com or Barnes and Noble and get your copy today. You will be glad that you did.

Thankfully, you can now order this life changing book right here on this site 😀: Simply go to the menu, if you are viewing on a cell, and click menu. Then click “Order Rock-solid Books.” If you are on a computer, click on order Rock-solid Books. I personally recommend clicking on Barnes and Nobles because  Amazon may try to sell you the first edition, which doesn’t have the word “Rewind”  in the title. And it is ” Rock Solid Living in a Quicksand World-Rewind” that is better written, and it includes the “Pearl’s of Wisdom” questions that helps the reader actually apply Jesus’ teachings.

What Is The Book About

Rock Solid Living In A Quicksand World-Rewind is an extremely critical conversation that Jesus is having with twenty-first century people regarding the importance of looking back in order that each individual, nation and even western civilization, may actually have a hope filled future. One look at the cover has Jesus teaching, and he is looking at a broad gate and a narrow gate. Look behind the gate, where the crowds go, and you will see people sinking, even drowning in quicksand. But those who follow Jesus teachings are on stepping stones to life! Jesus tells us in “the Sermon on the Mount,” as he sits high up on a rock and looking back from chapters 7 to 5, “Embrace my teachings, and actually live by them. Then when the CAT-5 hurricanes of life pummel you, you will bear up under them. However, choose otherwise, and you will crash and collapse in a melodramatic way!” He is, therefore, telling us how to rest in him and choose life … or not. Choosing any other way causes us to sink in life’s despair, loose our footing and foundation and sink into quicksand living.

Every part of this web page is about helping you find a way to truly live and have a foundation for living … a place to R.E.S.T in the Lord … Wouldn’t you want to enter in to God’s REST?