Rock Solid Covenant Life Group Coming Soon To FAC!

Covenant Life Group Begins September 23rd 9:15-10:15
First Alliance Church of Lakeland
1919 E. Edgewood Drive
Lakeland Florida, 33813


Below are  faces of some of the Children of God … sadly I couldn’t get all of all of the pictures on this blog .. who are about to grow in grace together at Lakeland First Alliance Church. FAC is located 1919 East Edgewood Drive, Lakeland, Florida 33813.  Each one of these plus, plus some others, are about to begin on a journey together in a Koinonia fellowship. This Covenant Life Group will be a larger class — with smaller groups set up within the group —  seated together around round tables (as opposed to long rectangular tables.) This Koinonia Structure of learning, from the Creator,  blessed the first century church immensely, and it enhanced spiritual renewal and growth; furthermore, this fellowship learning really can help facilitate the Holy Spirit being our teacher as we grow together.

Some of Our Covenant Life Group … But Not All.


Meanwhile, retired USAFR and VA Mental Health Chaplain, And an “Old School” United Methodist Clergy, Alfred M. McGowen, will do all in his power to get out of the way of what the Holy Spirit wishes to accomplish. He will use modern audio visual equipment, small group interaction and larger group assimilation of ideas, to prayerfully enhance spiritual vitality in all who gather together to hear from God what HE is saying through The Holy Spirit. Jesus really has something to say to us today. For HE teaches us 21st century and Ancient Wisdom that is straight from the Holy Scriptures! If applied, Jesus teachings will put our lives on a rock solid foundation for present day living that will makes us eligible for eternal life living. We will learn more about this in the group sessions.

Save Someone From Storms of Life

The Cross Saves Us
Save Someone From Shipwrecking Their Souls

There is still time to sign up! I hope you will tell a Friend, Relative, Associate or Neighbor about Rock Solid Living In A Quicksand World-Rewind. I hope you will tell them about this Koinonia Group … this Covenant Life Group. The early church grew by leaps and bounds when Gods authentic Koinonia entered into the mix, and when Friends invited friends, Relatives invited Relatives, Associates invited Associates and Neighbors invited neighbors, and they did so consistently. I call this “FRANgelism.” I personally observed how powerful FRANgelism can be for any church. You may hear more about this during orientation. Who knows what God will do?

So get ready for something special to happen in your life, if you listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church, especially if you are listening for your personal message that God wants you to apply. Remember that God really does want us to “Hear What The Spirit Is Saying To the Churches” which clearly includes you and me.

God Bless You.

Respectfully Shared By

Chaplain Al McGowen


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