A 2000 Year Old Picture 4-Today: R.E.S.T

A Picture of Avoidance
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It’s my heart’s desire to help all who read Rock-Solid Living In A Quicksand World-Rewind to experience Rock-Solid Eternal Spirituality Today. (R.E.S.T.) I feel the same way about those who read this blog; therefore, it is important for me to share there are those times we need to practice healthy/holy avoidance. I am talking about avoiding certain types of people during these challenging kind of years in which we live.  In other words there really are actually a certain kind of people God would have His people avoid. And He would want His people to do so for their own well being.   I know this may sound kind of counterintuitive to how Jesus lived, but I do not think so.

Topsy Turvy Tables

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“How Dare You Defile God’s House!”

Jesus, for example, actually went on offense when people simply decided they could live independent of God: Check out the infamous day  he created a whip, swung it around, and turned over tables that belonged to some “holy Joes and Janes” who were nothing of the kind.

People Who Were So Use To Being Enslaved

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“We Are Not Slaves!”

Or review John 8:32, and the following verses, where Jesus was hoping to help some, who reportedly “believed,” become truly free from the chains of their sins that bound them. They refused to admit they were slaves to anything or anyone, including the sin that ensnared them. He was really clear in separating what they decided to do (that would enslave them) from the the truth that set them free. Sadly, it seems he had to leave them to their own sin and death. He wanted to set them free indeed, John 8:36,  but they would not admit they were in bondage to sin. Much like  people today, they wanted the civil right to keep on in their bondage to sin and death. This kinds of reminds me of how Paul described the people whom God gave up on in Romans 1. It’s not that God doesn’t care, but God will not force love, mercy, grace — nor even salvation– on anyone who rejects it, and He will leave them to themselves. He will also protect His children to help each one R.E.S.T.

Let Ancient Wisdom Inform Your R.E.S.T.

Take a look at this Word picture, taken about two millennia ago, and sent to us– to hear loud and clear — in the 21st century. It is vital that each of us  pay close attention to the Ancient Wisdom & Godly instruction given here to  help us experience R.E.S.T: Rocksolid Eternal Spirituality Today.

Ancient Column Reference


Mark These Words: This means pay deliberate and close attention to what God is saying about these people (and their 18 to 20 habitual daily sins.) Also, pay prayerful close attention to the God’s six wisdom words at the end. This will help give you a rock-solid foundation for each step of your journey. Indeed, R.E.S.T. in this wisdom and let God direct your life.



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