Fake News, Paranoia and The Coronavirus

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Fake News And The Coronavirus

When I hear about the Coronavirus, and how it is non stop on the news as being “Horrible!” “Global!” “It is spreading!” “People are Panicked!” “Pandemic Possible!” I am perplexed. Such “fake news” is nowhere near being true.  Here is a quick point: In the USA 18,000 people have died of the regular Flu, this year, even with all the shots for people over 65, and the one designed for people under 65.   Did you get this? EIGHTEEN THOUSAND! How many have died of the Coronavirus in the USA?  As of the writing of this blog, in the USA only TWO have died! Enough Said.

Let’s take a R.E.S.T. Let’s experience Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today: Let’s take a break from this Fake news paranoia.  Let’s trust our Creator, and cooperate with God utilizing the common sense, with which He has provided us.  Simply practice your spiritual practices given you in God’s Word, and follow the same principles of remaining healthy that you use for the Flu.  As Dr. Drew said today, “The news being reported each day, regarding the Coronavirus, is more dangerous than the coronavirus.”

R.E.S.T friends from the fake news. Trust God, do what is best and live.

God Bless You,

Chaplain McGowen

1 thought on “Fake News, Paranoia and The Coronavirus”

  1. Thanks for the news on conoravirus. The last few months I’ve had health concerns of my own.
    I’ve lost 35-40 lbs. The diagnosis is a hyper active thyroid, which I am taking medication for.
    Hope that you are well. I am hopeful that this medication will be what I need to stop the
    weight loss. Take care.
    With kindest regards Russ Jones


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