Make A Difference

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Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

Help Shepherdless People Find Jesus!
  1. A lot of people are hurting; therefore, please take this daily challenge on, and you may help someone find true life. Yes, you may help them, through Jesus, get their life on track.
  2. You also may find people coming to help you do things you never imagined you could have ever accomplished without them. It may surprise you, as you pray, that they will just show up, and they will do so at just the right time when you need them.

God Bless You.
Chaplain Al McGowen
The SoJourner

4 thoughts on “Make A Difference”

    1. Hi John,
      What usually happens, especially in churches like FAC, is that, over a period of time, people with a purpose start showing up to serve, and they have new an powerful ideas. If we are truly open to being changed by Jesus’ love and making an impact, business as usual starts to diminish. New people start coming in, and they are ready to serve. Assimilating them is far more important than getting them to join. Once they become productive and faithful, then they join.
      Churches can really grow, if we are ready to call forth their ministry and not ask for volunteers.

      PS. Thanks for responding.


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