The Miraculous Adventurous Life:

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“A Problem Free Life?”

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     If any of you have followed my Facebook posts, you will know that I keep sharing about all the miracles Vicki and I have had happen, and still do  have happen, in our lives. It occured to me that some may think we have a problem free life.  Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Each miracle, that I shared with you all, occurs when we might be having a crisis occurring in our lives; otherwise, why would we need a miracle? I don’t know about you, but experiencing a crisis is really NOT a lot of fun.

Blinded By A Rock

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For example, when I was blinded by a rock, coming out from my lawn mower, We were told by the Opthamologist, at the Eye Foundation, to be grateful I have one good eye. Take a moment to think about how you would feel if you lost your eyesight, in one of your eyes, and you were told this. Consider the pain felt in that eye continually reminding me. Consider, not being able to see, continually reminding me.  It could be a bit nerve racking, if we would let it be; however, rather than get all upset, I listened, and a verse came to mind.  It was Romans 8:28. While on the way to the hospital, and as I was in the hospital, I simply kept repeating this verse over and over again. When I asked a group of people to pray for me, it was well past the initial experience of losing my sight. Throughout this time, I was in perfect peace, especially once I could get things into focus (pun intended.)

Remembering What Is Important


Consider all the other miracles I mentioned, and each one could have been a traumatic experience that really could cause some really high powered angst.  Admittedly, sometimes the event would even cause some panic. But the fear would go away when I focused on who God is,  and as I focused on how faithful God is. We like to say, “God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.”  Well, this is actually true!  I don’t know of a time when it was not true. So, given God’s faithfulness, when life is out of whack, and it needs to get back on track, crying out to God brings what is important into focus. We do this because God really is in control.

Life Is An Adventure 

  Yes, we believe in a miracle working God, and we look for God to work things out according to His perfect will. We give our lives, daily, to God. We want our will and God’s will to be one in the same. We follow Him, through Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  I call this Proverbs 3:5 & 6 ing it. Daily we trust in the Lord, with all our hearts. We choose to NOT rest on our own mere way of thinking. We acknowledge Him, and He directs our path.  This turns life into full blown living! No matter what happens to us spiritually, emotionally, relationally, financially and physically, we walk the walk holding on to God’s unchanging, and extremely dependable, hands.  The result is life turns out to be an adventure. As a matter of fact “Life Is An Adventure” has been our motto for decades.

Final Point

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     Since stuff happens to good people, and since life is an adventure, it is a key principle to know that it is not so important what happens to you and me. What is really important is what we do with what happens to us. We have learned that nothing is out of God’s control. We believe, with the Apostle Paul, that God works out everything according to THE plan, and He brings everything into conformity with THE purpose of His will. (Ephesians 1:11.) We have learned it is not about God having a wonderful plan for our lives, but it is more important that we keep on plugging into THE plan of God, and then our plan will become exactly what it needs to be for the good of the Kingdom of God. We experience all kinds of joys, and we experience, sorrows and other challenges. These are challenges that we cannot face without our Lord leading the way; meanwhile, we find miracles in the midst of walking in accordance with THE plan of God, as we hold tightly to God’s hands, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to live a really big life no matter what:  Why? Because trying to live according to our mere human perceptions really can make the journey far more difficult, and I would add, it may make the journey far less interesting … or small. It makes us self centered rather than God centered. It leaves us thinking about our plan rather than THE plan.  As Jesus tells us, “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and everything else will be added.” This seeking the Kingdom first guidance really makes life special. It makes life out to be and adventure. And life REALLY is an ADVENTURE; additionally, a big life – a God controlled life –  is a life of miracles.

R.E.S.T. Y’all.

Chaplain Al McGowen
AKA: SoJourner

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