Stop U.S. Senate Religious Bigotry And Sexism!

What Makes America Great?

When God first blessed The United States of America, from our very first days, He did so, as our Creator, by giving us certain unalienable rights: These include, according to our Declaration of Independence, “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness!” ๐Ÿ˜Š The Creator, of all that is, founded these rights based on the values provided us via Judeo Christian principles, The Ten Commandments and The Holy Bible. All the rewriting of history, that is attempted by secular humanistic thought, or the religion of secularism, that is flooding our our institutions of so called “higher education” will not change these facts; therefore, only when we #MakeAmericaGodly, will we #MakeAmericaGreatAgain !

Anti Christian Senators Attack People, Especially Women, of Faith!

This week, we begin the process of selecting a Supreme Court Justice. One of these persons, in consideration, is a Catholic. And she is a fully qualified candidate for this august position; however, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris (Vice Presidential Candidate,) and Senator Dianne Feinstein, already have a clear track record of violating Article VI Clause 3 of our Constitution. Senator Feinstein has already personally attacked this candidate for her religious convictions. Senator Harris has attacked others, and she is actually a Vice Presidential candidate for these United States. Her socialist tendencies are really scary!
(See Above Constitutional Edict That Restrains Them)

Make Them Accountable To This Republic of “We The People”
We are NOT Germany, Russia Nor Venezuela!
Democratic Socialism Fails Every Time!

The United States of America is NOT a democracy! In a Democracy, no constraints are placed on leadership elected by the majority. Hitler was elected by the majority in Germany, but he and the Nazis were able to commit all sorts of heinous activities once he was elected. Why? Because there was no Constitution that put limitations on them. Putin is elected by the majority, but his one party system gives him virtually unrestrained authority to do as he wishes because he alone controls all the levers of authority and power. Venezuela had a very suspicious election, not to long ago, and while this once rich “democracy” became a democratic socialist state, which the Democrats want America to become, it began the typical national collapse socialism eventually brings. One of the richest nations in South America is now abysmally poverty stricken because of what socialism has done to it. No realistic constitution restrained the national leadership, as the theoretic majority keeps the socialist/communist in power and the people starving. Please! We cannot let this happen to OUR Constitutional Republic! Make them accountable to “We The People!


We are a Constitutional Republic! We DO have a Constitution, and it places restrictions on government leadership, including these Democrat Senators. These restrictions are placed on them in order for the government to serve “We The People;” therefore, We MUST hold our Senatorial leadership accountable, as candidates are brought forward to them, while they provide advice and consent to our President, as The Constitution requires. We MUST hold them accountable to their oaths of their office!

God Gave We The People A Gift!

God gave us, this government “of the people, by the people, and for the people. ” He gave us this right of holding our leaders accountable! We absolutely can, and should, tell our Senators they MUST defend this Constitution of The United States of America. And they MUST abide by this Constitution that restricts what they can do and cannot do! They cannot prevent anyone for serving just because that person is a woman of faith! Their actions represent the worst sexism ever demonstrated. Constitutionally, Freedom of Religion, is provided in The First Amendment, and it IS a gift to us in the form of religious liberty, which allows people of faith to serve in any office in the land.


As people of faith, let us be people who R.E.S.T. in our faith, as provided by our Creator, who is God of all creation! Let us abide in God’s Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today! Let us R.E.S.T in the liberties, and or rights, with which our Creator endowed us! Speak clearly to our leaders, that “We The People” demand they Do NOT use a religious litmus test in questioning the candidates coming before them. Let us require they treat women, who are conservative, with the proper respect that is due them. May we be clear, when we say loudly, “Progressives, STOP your blatant sexist behavior against conservative women! Let us insist they cease and desist from their anti religious, anti- Church, anti-Christian bigotry, and stop their senseless anti God caricatures of people of faith!

My prayer is that we may we indeed be “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All, including ๐Ÿ™ conservative women, and other people, who live and walk by faith ๐Ÿ™


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