God’s R.E.S.T. For You and Your Personal Advent

Taking a Look at The Younger John

As we approach Advent, or the time of focusing on Jesus, and HIS coming, we can begin to focus on where R.E.S.T. began at its earthly beginning. Simply take a few minutes to read John 1:1-12, which represents the writings of the younger John. Here the Bible points out Jesus IS The Word of God, who IS God, and HE is also Creator God, who came to HIS own covenant people; however, as HE entered planet Earth, and even though He made all things, they, HIS people, did not receive HIM. Indeed, they actually rejected HIM. Its sad, being rejected like this, but God’s people turned their backs on HIM! They turned their backs on the very Son of God who is one with God. Worse still, they turned away from God’s anointed ONE, and HE was, and is, the Messiah, for which they were looking, for an extremely long time. I am talking millennia they were waiting, watching, hoping and praying. This, according to The Book of Hebrews, kept them from entering into God’s R.E.S.T: Check out Hebrews 4:1-11, and you will see for yourself.

Their Loss Leads To Our Opportunity

With HIS people rejecting Jesus, and not having faith, a door was flung wide open to all other people of the Earth! Hear John, as he declares,

” But as many as received HIM, to them HE gave the power to become the children of God, even to those who believe on his name!
(John 1:12.)

Their rejection provides for you to have the opportunity, and for me to have the opportunity, to experience God’s salvation! Their failure to decide to enter into God’s R.E.S.T. makes God’s Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today available for you and me. HE came, and He reached out to us. HE still does! By faith, we have the very “power” God provides for us to receive HIS love, mercy and grace… HIS salvation that only comes through faith in Jesus, who is The Christ!

Jesus Personal Invitation 🙏

Turn a whole lot of pages in your Bible. Or if you have an electronic Bible, scroll a whole bunch of your E-Bible to Revelation 3:20. Its the same John, and HE is sharing God’s “Revelation.” Yes, its the same John that wrote The Gospel of John. He is just a lot older. I think he was around 90. So, approximately 60 years have passed. But because of this aging Apostle, you can now read Jesus’s own words to those who are now eligible to become children of God! Yes! You actually get to hear God speaking to you in Century 21, as HE offers you R.E.S.T! Please open your ears to Jesus speak to you, as HE says to you …

“Listen. I stand at the door and knock. If you hear me talking, and invite me in by opening the door, I will come into your life, and I will fellowship with you, and you will fellowship with me. ” Revelation 3:20

Wow! The Son of God wants to friend you in ways that are unimaginable and so very wonderful! As He comes to you, He deeply desires to save you from all the sin, wrong doing and broken places in your life. Satan wants to kill steal and destroy everything good in your life! But He, Jesus, wants to give you life to the full. He really is offering you Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today!

Three Potential Responses

Now, you can choose to do the absolute worst thing: You can do like His people did. You can choose to do what those who missed out on His R.E.S.T. did: You can reject HIM, and you can keep your heart closed to Him. You can keep on existing as you are existing today. OR you can experience your own personal Advent, as you open your heart to receive HIM, as well as the Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today that will transform you, today, and throughout all eternity; additionally, you can choose to pass this supernatural information on to a friend, or a relative, or an associate or a neighbor.

Your Challenge:

Hear is your opportunity and Heavenly challenge: Turn from your brokenness, sin and mere existence to the True and Living God. Open your heart and respond to Jesus loving invitation. For HE came to you in order for you to receive HIM and to set you up to become God’s adopted child. Believe in HIM. Receive HIM as both your Savior and LORD. By faith enter into God’s R.E.S.T This will be the best decision you will ever make!

Now you may say, “Hey, I already have received Jesus. He already is my Lord and Savior!” Well congratulations; however, when was the last time you introduced Jesus to someone who has NOT received HIM? When was the last time you passed this good news to someone you know that it is NOT well with their soul? I suspect, for some, it has been a while. If this is true, why not pass this message you are reading today to someone else who needs it more than they could ever know.

A recommended Prayer:
LORD, I have sinned, my life is broken, and LORD I really need to experience YOUR forgiveness, YOUR transformation, and I need YOU to help me so that I will fully live. Help me, Lord, to enter in to YOUR R.E.S.T.
Please LORD, take over my life and give me YOUR
Rock-solid Spirituality Today.
I I turn from my sin, my brokenness, my pain.
I turn to YOU. I receive YOU into my life.
I trust YOU as my Savior and Lord.
In YOUR Name, Jesus, I pray.

Keep in mind that, on that first Advent, which means “coming,” Jesus did indeed, come to planet earth! He came as “God With Us!” HE wants to come into your life, and HE wants to be with you. Let God walk with you. Let HIM come into you heart via God’s own Holy Spirit. Let HE who was born on earth two millennia ago, be born in your heart today. And, if that is a “done deal” for you, why not help someone else have Jesus be born in them by sharing this message to day. You will be glad you did.

God Bless You


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