What Is My Purpose?

See Suggested Prayer Below

Our Father who resides in Heaven, please cause each one , for whom I pray, to turn from each one’s sins to Jesus, as Savior, in order for them to really know You. And cause, we who know You, to be more intimate with You.

By Your grace, cause each one to hallow Your name: Cause each to have a holy reverence for Your name. May we be in awe of You.

May Your Kingdom Come: Be in the midst of each one’s life. Abide in us, and reign over every aspect of each one’s life. Whatever part of Your Kingdom has not yet come, may it come at the right moment in keeping with the plan that is Yours, O God.

May Your will be done on Earth like it is done in Heaven: Fulfill Your will, and Your way in all of our hearts and lives. May we know Your will and have the power to carry it out.

Give us, today, our daily bread: Give us what we need spiritually, emotionally, relationally, financially and physically in order that we may know You better and represent You better.

Forgive us our sins, and cause us to forgive the way Jesus forgives.

Lead us not into temptation: Give us grace to overcome every temptation, trauma, trial and test.

Deliver us from all evil.

We thank You for hearing this prayer because what matters is Your Kingdom, Your Power, and that all is done for Your glory 🙏

In Jesus Name 🙏 Amen 🙏

Will You Take On This Prayer Challenge Today?

Will You Do So Every Day God Gives You Life?

I Will!


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