R-E-S-T  Empowered 2Love

The ancient wisdom, from God’s Word, gives us The Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today that will supernaturally eradicate any vestige of alienation, and WILL unleash, In US, The Power To Love. .

Pay attention to what The Almighty has declared, and you will see that His guidance is very clear:

We Can Love 💘

We Receive Love From Love’s Source: God.

Be Born From Above, Through Faith In Jesus — God’s Son — Which Empowers Us To Know/Experience God.

Failure To Habitually Demonstrate Love Is A Clear Indicator You Don’t Even Know God.

Failure To Know God — The Source of Love — Disempowers Anyone From Actually Experiencing Love 💘 And It, Therefore, Prevents The Individual From Giving Love Away.

I Appeal To You: Turn From Bondage To Sin And Death! Believe in And Receive Jesus, The Christ, As Your Savior & Lord. Be Reconciled To God. Get God. Get Love. Give Love Away Via The Grace of The Love Giving God, By The Power of The Holy Spirit. You WILL BE GLAD YOU DID.


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