R.E.S.T In Divine Intimacy

During this pandemic, I have noticed how anxious people have become; yet, if Christ Followers could really really know how intimate they are with The Creator, who sustains us, even when we are unaware of His activity, Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today would provide them a peace, that Jesus promises, that will empower them to not let their hearts be troubled or afraid. (John 14:27.)

The Intimacy Psalm

Take some time to get in a quiet place: R.E.S.T., Relax and Be Still. Get quiet and comfortable. Read quietly God’s Psalm of Intimacy. Read Psalm 139. Now, read it softly out loud. Pay attention to what The Psalmist is saying. Receive this Psalm a third time; however, this time read it as if each verse were written to you. Read it as a love letter, from your loving benevolent Creator, written just for you. Read this Ancient Wisdom until it comes alive in you.

At The Very Least

At the very least, you will discover God knows! God really does know what is going on in what some are calling, “This Crazy World! God knows you. God IS in complete control. Last but not least, you are not alone. Perhaps you might experience R.E.S.T. in the Lord, which is precisely what God wants for HIS surrendered children.

Come on, sisters and brothers! Practice this recommended spiritual practice! Come on! Why not experience Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today?

God Bless You


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