R.E.S.T. Let Go and Let God

Proverbs 16:9 reveals some powerful Ancient Wisdom. It tells us we may be making our plans, but God is actually “the decider” of outcomes; therefore, this Wisdom Writer recommends practicing the spiritual practice of surrender in pray in order to live out Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today. See my recommended prayer below. Feel free to make it your own prayer. And as God answers, experience His freedom to become free to live in keeping with God’s will:

Heavenly Father,
You know our thoughts, our feelings, our wants and even our plans that we have forming in each of our hearts. More importantly You know what your Kingdom needs, as well as what we, Your children, need. You see the BIG Picture with infinite eyes, but our vision is limited. Our lives do not belong to us, but our bodies are, indeed, Temples of the Holy Spirit.
Therefore, have mercy, and please transform our hearts and minds that we may be able to do Your will. Give us the desires of our hearts to want what You want, and empower us to plan, and live in step,
with Your plans.
Then our plans will be what they actually need to be and for Your glory.
We pray this In Jesus Name. Amen.



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