R.E.S.T Your Final Answer

“There is, now, laid up for me a Crown of Righteousness.”

The Scriptures above,found in 2 Timothy 4:7, represent some of the last words ever written by The Apostle Paul. This could very easily be a self written obituary. From these words, we can see that, no matter what else happened to him, he was, indeed, a man experiencing R.E.S.T. He was experiencing Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today in his closing days of his earthly journey.

Use Your Imagination

Imagine your life — as was Paul’s — is coming to an end. Imagine you know your final day is near. Imagine you have been asked to write your obituary. Take this seriously: What would you like it to say about you as a Follower of Jesus The Christ? 🤔

Now, please answer these questions: Are your present life priorities in line with you finishing your journey well? Are you fighting the good fight as you represent the Lord? Are you keeping the faith 🙏 Are you finishing your race in a God pleasing way? Are you securely assured, as you go to meet your maker, that there is laid up for you a Crown of Righteousness which is laid up for you in Heaven? Or do you need to get your priorities right?

Think About It. Write about it. Respond, according to God’s transforming power and will. Then R.E.S.T!


**Thanks to “Our Daily Bread” for the inspirational input and Idea 💡

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