R.E.S.T: Why Focus on Lack?

Hey Christ Followers! Why focus on your limitations,  and on what you don’t have?  After all,  God promises, as we daily turn our lives over to Him, and seek first His Kingdom, everything else will be added, and God will supply ALL  our needs according to His riches in glory! ( Check out Matthew 6:33 and  Philippians 4:19.)

Rock-Solid Eternal Spirituality Today gives you a life of authentic R.E.S.T: Why? Because living by faith, in these God promises, taps you into the unlimited riches of our Eternal God and King’s life giving grace.

Never Forget

“On Christ The Solid Rock We Stand. All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand.”

Therefore, as we surrender daily, and serve the Lord, we are not limited to our own limitations. We are connected with our God connection, and no matter what He will make us overcomers, IF, we let go and let God be in control.

Give It All To Him

Give God your spiritual issues. Turn your sins, and or your addictions, over to Him. Let Him break the chains of your bondage to sin and death. Give Him your thought life! Don’t dabble in sin, but surrender to Jesus! Give God your emotional struggles! Give God your relational challenges! Let Him control your wealth … or lack thereof! Give Him the physical challenges that are challenging you! Yes, seek Him first! Give Him your best! Sow, all you have into The Kingdom of God! Sow “to the Spirit,” and you truly will have life, the life that Jesus provides, and you will have it to the full, as Jesus promises! Experience R.E.S.T. Then you can let the Lord “supply ALL your needs according to HIS riches in glory!”



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