R.E.S.T: Why Fear?

God does not give to us the spirit of fear, but He  give us power, love and a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7


The question, in this title of this blog, is a good one. Let me take a stab and answering it: We live in fear filled times, and there are plenty of reasons to be afraid: Families are in disarray, education’s leaders threaten parental rights, and indoctrination seems to be common place, more and more.  And this pits parents against school unions and boards.  Churches, like my beloved United Methodist Church, have abandoned sound scriptural teachings, and they pontificate immorality, which unleashes sin to be free to enslave those who commit themselves to it,  in a pandemic way! This leads to right being called wrong, and wrong being called right! The news media spins, what they call news, to fit their preconceived agenda/narrative.

There IS More!


Our “Big Brother” Government is becoming so tyrannically huge that it appears to be trying to control the population. Rather than be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” our leaders are telling us, “We know best!” Let me ask you this question: Why else would our leaders try to hire 87,000 IRS workers, and arm them? Why would they insist of these 87k people to be willing to use lethal force? More Audits? Well …Audits can certainly trigger a colossal apprehensive despair response! Audits certainly put the government in a very powerful overseer’s position of authority.


Our military, under the current administrations policies,  is becoming more woke, and politically correct, and our war fighting capabilities are waning; meanwhile, Russia and China are flexing their military muscles in response to our anemic defense posture. Millions of Americans are fearful we can no longer have free and fair elections! Communism, or socialism, seem ready to become our course of governance.


The business sector is in a shambles, as mothers cannot even get baby formula for their little ones.  Medical supplies are even becoming difficult to acquire. These government failed policies are causing inflationary gas prices, food prices, all goods and services are increasing dramatically in price. And social medias flow of information is like a one way street running against our nation’s originalist values. Yes, indeed, the answer to the question, “Why Fear?” is easily answered.

Christ Followers Can Can Refocus

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

However, we can refocus, if we refocus our thoughts, and if we  place our faith in God.  I’m told The Creator  speaks, through the Holy Scriptures 365 times, to “Fear Not.” Here is one example of how to refocus:  In my own journey, for example, when I went to college, I would be afraid, even nearly panic, because of the course load and the subject matter; however, God gave me the following “Fear Not” phrase, and it helped me tremendously: The phrase is “You can fear it. Or you can face it.”  I would repeat this numerous times until the fear subsided. None of the circumstances changed, but my fear went away as God gave me this good word. Let me tell you this really helped me. Simply refocusing on a promise God gave me brought me peace. Then it allowed me to pray, study, move forward and do very well.

A Biblical Refocus

I have a refocus, God promise, for you: And it is wonderful ancient wisdom straight out of the Holy Bible. Paul is speaking to an 18 year old  named Timothy. You can count on this. Timothy was under a whole lot of pressure. Spiritual battles were an everyday occurrence for him. After all, even at this very young age, Paul had placed in the position of a key church leader. He was actually overseeing, like a shepherd, people who were much older than he was.

Paul simply helped Timothy by giving him his own personal God promise. I give it to you, to say OUT LOUD  as if it were your own, and do so as many times as it takes to help rid you of fear …

God does not give me the spirit of fear. God gives me power!

God does not give me the spirit of fear! God gives me love ❤️

God does not give me the spirit of fear! God gives me a sound mind!

Practice this spiritual practice repeatedly. Watch what happens when this 2 Tim. 1:7 becomes alive in you!

Works For Me 😉


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