R.E.S T. In The Prayer Answering God

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

Praying Regarding Hurricane Ian

Over the past several days I video blogged prayer requests regarding Hurricane Ian. In a nut shell, I prayed, and I asked you to pray, for this monster to be moved by the various wind currents to lower population centers. And it indeed did move, dramatically, from population centers of over 800,000 to population centers of multiple hundreds of thousands fewer people. I requested a hedge, bubble, and shield of protection and prosperity around my loved ones, who want my wife and myself, to be a part of their entire famiy’s lives. I challenged you to do the same regarding your loved ones. God miraculously answered these prayers!

Praying For Ian To Die Quickly

Additionally, I requested we pray for all kinds of factors — that kill a hurricane — to work against Ian. I requested that it would die quickly — especially once it was on land — from a borderline Cat-5, to be weakened to a Cat-1, and then a Tropical Storm: In a relatively short movement, from Fort Meyers, Florida, to Polk County and beyond: That is precisely what happened to Ian in relationship to us. Again we rested in God, especially as Ian passed our way, and God was faithful. Ian died rapidly. as it traveled through Central Florida.

21st Century God

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today is demonstrated when we pray effectively and fervently to The True and Living God, by faith, and in Jesus Name. 🙏 Indeed, TODAY, we witnessed God’s power, in the 21st Century, that He indeed answers prayer. HALLELUJAH!

Yet, There Is More To Pray

We still have more to pray. Sadly, according to a news report, hundreds died in the storm, as it moved south, to the lower population centers. 😢 😞 😔 It seems that many were new residents who moved, recently, to Florida. People, who have lived here a while, know that, when you are told to evacuate, you should evacuate. Evidently, some decided to ride out the Cat-4 ,(bordering on Cat -5) storm, even though they were close to shore where the enormous storm surge would happen. 😮 Their demise is now, sadly, history. The people in this area, especially the families of those who died, definitely need us to pray. Their loss is tremendously great. 😞

Prayer For All.

We need to pray for all who have been impacted by the storm. And we must do so in order that each person may find God’s grace, and His salvation grace, to help them become fully alive, and that they may be empowered to get their lives back on track, by living godly lives, as each one recovers from the storm. In Jesus Name.

Praying Can Be Difficult and Comforting

As A Christ Follower, sometimes, given the choices in front of us, it is difficult to know how to pray; nevertheless, it is absolutely true, hundreds of thousands FEWER people’s lives, were devastated by Ian. Hundreds of thousands were, indeed, saved! And, for me, knowing this is very good and comforting.


As a Christ Follower, I hope you will make consistent, daily. effectual, fervent. prayers a major part of your life. I do so, and it’s a real blessing. I also hope, and I pray, you who read this, will discover how to R.E.S.T. in The ONLY Sovereign, True and Living, prayer answering God, through Jesus, The Christ, our Lord, and our Savior.

God Bless You


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