R.E.S.T. MakeAmericaGodlyAgain

Godliness Will Bring R.E.S.T. To USA

The only way for God to bless our nation requires returning to the ultimate truth of seeking God, as we follow Him by faith in His Son, Jesus THE MESSIAH! Contrary to revisionist history, our founders were, indeed, believers in Him, and they used God’s liberating limits, The Ten Commandments, as the means of guidance for law and governance. As a result, God blessed The United States of America.

The Injustice of Modern Justice

God Calls This Sin.

Today we no longer follow God’s will or God’s way. Under our current leaders, the creature is worshipped over the Creator; therefore, mere humans make a god of government. Reverence for God is being driven out of the public square by our leaders and bureaucrats. Keeping a special day of worship, and rest, isn’t something our secular humanist leaders aspire to. They actually ridicule people who still adhere to these religious practices. They actually tried to shut our churches down during the pandemic. There is an epidemic of dishonoring parents. Murder of babies, in the the womb, and even after birth, is the order of the day for some “blue states.” And our cities streets are flowing with blood. Under our current leadership, sexual immorality has been made a civil right, even pedophilia. Stealing is recorded daily on security cameras across our land as a result of governmental policies. Lying flows from the lips of our leaders. And covetness is sanitized , and it is justified, by taking from one group of people to give to another. They call it equity. This modern day “Justice” really is, in the eyes of GOD INJUSTICE! Even worse, as God says…

This IS Sin!

And Sin Brings “DisgraceNOT grace on our people and on our nation. It’s preventing God’s blessings as we reap what we sow.

If we want Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today, if we want God to bless America again, If we want to Make America Great Again, then we need to #MakeAmericaGodlyAgain


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