Freedom From Condemnation

imag0065There is, therefore, now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of The Spirit of Life IN Christ Jesus has set me FREE from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:1-2

Having a Bad Day!

Prior to Paul celebrating this great and glorious word of praise, he was having a horrible, terrible, very bad, no good day. He had gotten himself in a struggle with sin, and it was taking it’s toll on him spiritually, emotionally, and many other ways. It got so bad he cried allowed, “O WRETCHED MAN THAT I AM! WHO IS GOING TO DELIVER ME FROM THIS BODY OF DEATH?” Then he sat there for a while, and he remembered the victory he has in Jesus. So, he shouted just as loudly the name  above all names that brought and brings us the victory. For the one who delivered him and delivers us, he declared,  is “JESUS!”

Why For The Therefore?

Now you know why he is saying “therefore.” He is considering what he just said, and it brought him all the overcoming grace he needed to live a holy or healthy life! He is telling you me about the path to victory, as he says, “Considering I failed miserably sometimes, when I gave into sin, I won’t you all to know that there is more to this story of struggle: You see? I am IN Christ Jesus and He is in me! He offers me confession, forgiveness and supernatural transformation! I don’t have to be enslaved by sin and all its side affects.  I am not condemned!”

The Reason Christ-Followers Are Not Condemned

“There is a reason I am not condemned.” Paul might say.  “It’s the way God does things! God has now established the law that is far more powerful than the law of sin and death. Jesus defeated Satan (1 John 3:8. )He sets us free through the mercy filled, grace filled, Holy Spirit filled law of The Law of The Spirit of LIFE that is in Christ Jesus! God, not only loves me enough to forgive me, God loves me enough to not leave me the way I use to be! He transforms me.” Dear Christ-Follower, He does the same for you.

freedom picture

This is truly Freedom IN Christ: Let us celebrate with him! We know the  truth! So, let’s let the truth set us free! “If the Lord sets you free you shall be free indeed” Let us celebrate the absolute truth that gives us victory over the horrible, terrible, very bad and no good days. Let us hold on to the promises eternal, one of which reminds us, “It is for FREEDOM Christ has set us free!” Let us, “Stand firm then and NOT let ourselves be burdened by a yoke of slavery.cropped-my-feet-on-a-rock.jpg


R.E.S.T in these truths children of God.


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