R.E.S.T For Today

Chapel In The Pines of AlabamaHi Everyone,

Welcome, again, to  this new Rock Solid Living Site. I am providing it to help you all enter into the Good Lord’s R.E.S.T.  By rest I mean for you to have a Rock-solid-Eternal Spirituality Today. Jesus offers this to you every single day you draw a breath.  It all comes when you listen to His words, assimilate what He teaches into your heart and life, and then practice precisely what Jesus is preaching.  It’s not just an ideal. It’s a way of life that gives authentic life.

I know this was short and sweet. Isn’t that neat.  Be blessed today as you follow the teaching of the ONE who wants you to have a holy life based on the rock solid teachings of Jesus.

If you want some really good guidance on this, be sure to buy the new book that will guide you in this path of healthy/holy right way living called Rock Solid Living In A Quicksand World-Rewind. This book is much better than edition one because it is designed for any reader to read a chapter and reflect on “Pebbles of Wisdom” regarding Jesus teachings. As a matter of fact, a teacher of a Sunday School, Church School or a small group could lead a weekly study on these life changing words of The Very Son of God, who is ONE with God The Father and The Holy Spirit. It could change everyone’s life for the better.




God Bless You,

Yours IN Christ

PS: The books on the website are hardcover only. Paperback and E-book are coming soon.  If you want a paperback at a reduced price, let me know.




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