What God Looks Like

“The Spitting Image”

The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.
Colossians 1:15a

When I was a boy, people could say, “Boy oh boy, you are the spitting image of your Dad!” Now that I am old, once people see my old man pictures, they tell me. ” You look just like Granddaddy or Dad.” I take this as a compliment; however, I can only dream that I come close to this. For my Dad demonstrated the epitome of being a man of character.

However, I can share with you something far better. I can tell you what God looks like: He looks like the one who looks like Him. God looks like the only one who was, and is, God in a human body. God looks like Jesus.


Here are just a few examples: When you hear or read Jesus teachings, you are hearing or reading about God. When you see Jesus working miracles, it’s a perfect picture of God in action. When you see Jesus defeating Satan, during His trifecta of temptations, you are actually observing God putting Satan in his place. When Jesus faced down the corruption of the religious leaders, He was demonstrating God’s opposition to hypocrisy among those who claim to represent Him. When you observe Jesus fulfilling all of God’s prophetic utterances, you have a ring side seat to God’s love for you. It’s almost as if you can hear God lovingly saying, “I told you so.” Jesus is indeed “The spitting image of God” because He is God! Or as Jesus told Philip, “Anyone who has seen me, you have seen the Father.” John 14:9

What makes this especially good news is that, while Christ shows us what God looks like, He came to make us look like Him! WOW! Check out Romans 8:28-29, and you will see that God works in all things for our good no matter what happens! And “the good” the Bible describes is the good of being formed into Christ’s image. So, while bad things may happen to good people, just as good things happen to good people, God’s good stuff always happens to those who love Him, as He uses all the stuff to form us into Christ image. Praise The Lord!

Is there anyone out there who wants to become a new creation who is like the Lord? I know He wants this for you. So, why not surrender and let God work these miracles in you?

God Bless You


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