A Warning! A Message of Hope! From Rabbi Kahn & Me.

Dear Christ Followers,

The Book Being Fulfilled & Hope Promised For You

As I wrote about in Rock Solid Living in a Quicksand Word-Rewind ,all the foundations of America, and Western Civilization, are crumbling. I also shared Jesus remedy for His people to provide us with Stepping Stones for Victorious Christ Centered Living.  You can order your copy by clicking on the menu choices just above the picture of the Cross on The Altar: Choose “Order Rock Solid Living Books.” I recommend you buy from Barnes and Noble.

Rabbi Jonathan Kahn’s George Washington Prophecy For America

Today Rabbi Kahn, a Christian Rabbi, whose name is Jonathan Kahn, speaks clearly about how God is moving and about to move. He bases his prophecy on what George Washington said, and more importantly, what the Holy Bible says.  He also asked some very important questions. I hope you have ears to hear what God is saying: Please consider this site below, and listen to a 13-minute video that is vital for all of us to hear, and I mean really hear! You may have to copy and paste it into your URL. Here is the site and video.


A Repeated Call To Prayer

I, again, call on each of us to pray the Refriger Prayer for God’s Church, and our own individual congregations, as well as ourselves. Download it to your Smartphone. Place it on your Refrigerator. Every time you go to the refrigerator, pray. Keep a copy near where you eat, and pray. Download it to your Smartphone, and make it a regular spiritual practice to pray at every opportunity. WE ARE AT A CROSS ROAD. Sincerely pray this prayer, for yourself, for your church family, for the Church. You can find the Refriger Prayer in the blog I wrote just prior to this one. Or is will email it to you. Contact me at:


Read Or Re-Read In Order To Actually Hear God

Additionally,  I call on each to read, re-read the book above in order to be overcomers. Share the book with others.  Don’t just let the words go in one ear and out the other. Don’t let it be just an emotional experience. Don’t let your worry, or maybe your wealth, keep Jesus’ teachings from taking root: Let God speak to you, personally. Read and reflect prayerfully on the Pebbles of Wisdom. It can be life changing, if you let it speak to you.

Our Only Hope

Our hope, as a nation, will come if we return to Jesus, His teachings. We will find real hope if, as God’s people, we sincerely pray for God’s transformational living to return to His churches: England had revival, during the time of the Wesley Brothers. France Had a bloody revolution. America needs to return to God, if God’s people become what God would have us to become, there is hope. If we do not return to our founding principles, and if we do not turn to the God, and the Creator, who endowed us with our unalienable rights, through faith in Jesus, we are putting ourselves, as a nation, and as western civilization, in a highly precarious place.

Be A Part of The Solution
Make America Godly Again

You, dear reader, are key to helping #MakeAmericaGodlyAgain. Please, be a part of the solution.


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