We Will Have No R.E.S.T. Until We Stop The Cover Up!

If This Continues We Will Experience Quicksand Lives

A Rock Solid Living in a Quicksand World-Rewind Commentary

Years ago, when I wrote my first book, and in this present book, I stated that our cultural, national and multitudes of individual lives foundations are crumbling. This is occurring more rapidly than most would have anticipated. Fewer and fewer people are living lives where they experience R.E.S.T. (Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today!) This is especially true in 2020 & 2021. Jesus gives us the antidote or salvation plan; however, He said it loud and clear: “There will be few that find it!” Let us R.E.S.T by overcoming the $620,500,000 cover Up.

The Biden Harris Deception Cataclysm

Before I share this, it is important that you know that the current Biden Harris administration, and Democratic Congress, sanitize the language, and they deceitfully frame the “abortion procedure” as the “reproductive right” of a woman. They propagandize, and they cover up, the horrors of what takes place because of the disastrous vile bone crushing work of the anti-life abortionist! They are completely silent about how many women struggle terribly after these so called “procedures.” Sanitizing the language propagates a cover up.

Three “Procedures


Sixty-three Million preborn human beings experienced, and are experiencing, a horrific death one of three ways: During the first trimester, these helpless little ones are literally ripped, one limb at a time, from the mother’s womb. After this, the baby’s torso and skull are crushed. It’s no fun talking about this, but someone has to speak for those who have no voice! Sanitizing the language, by calling this a “reproductive right” covers up what is going on behind closed and locked doors.


Secondly, some of these, during the second trimester, are burned alive, as the baby’s blood stream is injected with a salt saline solution. Does this sound like a reproductive right? Or is it more like murder by injection or IV? This effectively burns the baby alive, from the inside out, slowly burning each organ of the body until the little one dies. It then is rejected by the mother’s body. And it exits completely blackened from the burns. Sometimes the first “procedure” #1, that I already mentioned, is the protocol of choice during even this second trimester.


Thirdly, just days before the baby is born, or maybe hours, the child is breached. Breach birth is dangerous for the mother and the preborn baby human child. Then the baby’s feet are pulled out, with the baby face down. It is pulled out until the base of the skull is visible. Then the spinal column is snipped. This sends searing 🔥hot 🔥 pain throughout the baby’s brain. How could this horrific act be anyone’s right? The little baby is killed moments before it should have begun it journey through life outside its mother’s womb. The baby’s corpse is pulled the rest of the way out of the birth canal. There is evidence of harvesting stem cells and body parts. These are then reportedly sold.

Blood Money

Sadly, our current administration, Biden Harris, and the U.S. Congress, are providing the funding to do this bloody business. They actually spend $1,700,000 per day, of this blood money, to make this modern day disaster 😢possible. And they pick the tax payers pocket in the process; meanwhile, they cover it all up with the help of the mainstream media.

Dissipating Blessings

It’s not hard to see why God’s blessings are being removed from our nation and culture. Its not mere climate change! It’s God’s individual and national blessings dissipating before our very eyes! Our crumbling foundations are becoming more and more visible. Sadly, we are having increasing numbers of people who have no R.E.S.T. People who helped put these souless power hungry people into political office, who continue to cheer them on, are now co-conspirators in this Holocaust blood bath of our innocent little babies.


Instead of providing a slush fund of money for slaughtering innocent lives, why not listen to what “Live Action” is saying? Why not help people in the ways written about at the top picture of this blog? Why not help the poor rather than eliminate the poor? Why not research ways to help women have healthier pregnancies? Why not fund adoptions? Why not help the 2 million people who long to adopt a child do so? Why not help those financially strapped parents find ways to help them enhance their ability to take care of their babies?

Our nation’s foundations will become quicksand if we continue on this path. We cannot, individually, nationally or culturally continue on this trail of tears. There will be NO R.E.S.T. from God’s judgement, as the crumbling of our foundation continues, our results will indeed be cataclysmic.

Why not choose life? Why not choose a life of Rock Solid Living in a Quicksand World? Why not repent, and rewind, your life through faith in Jesus the Christ? Why not begin walking on Jesus’s “Stepping Stones for Victorious Christ Centered Living” which are Jesus’s Teachings? Why not walk on the straight and narrow way that leads to life? Why not turn from the Broadway that leads to destruction?


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