R.E.S.T. Doing Right Christ Like

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

When A Godly Person Speaks Up

We know Jesus is the Savior of planet Earth, and while He was journeying here as “The Word who became flesh and dwelt among us,” many times, He had to face down evil, even when it was not physically in His own self interest; nevertheless, He denied Himself, and He did the right thing.  Nor did this get Him any friends, but He’s is the epitome of Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today.  And whenever we see Him in action, we see The Father, as well, in action! (John 14:9-11.) In other words, the godliest person that has ever lived, and the only human being that never sinned, set the example of doing the right thing, and He spoke up and spoke out against things that needed challenging. No one is more Christ like than the Christ Himself. Check out examples, below, of how He was right in challenging the status quo or real injustice:

Jesus Prevents Abuse of A Woman

One example is when a woman was caught in “the very act of adultery.” A whole bunch of men wanted to stone her to death, and they used their law to justify what they were going to do. Her male partner seems to have been given a pass. I bet this didn’t sit well with Jesus, given His respect for women. Jesus, as time went on, looked those men in the eye, and He said, “He that is without sin cast the first stone.” Y’all know what happened, if you know the Bible. They discontinued their potential rock concert on the woman’s head, and they walked away.  (John 8: 2-11)

Jesus Confronts Abusive Hypocrisy

In another situation  Jesus wearied from the hypocrisy of the religious leaders of the day: He called them out, as He pronounced God’s judgment of hypocrisy on them. He declared the “Seven Woes” of God against their hypocrisy in Matthew 23:23-36.  These religious leaders needed calling out, and this Son of God and Son of Man, as the most Christ like man who ever lived, because He walked as the Christ, did the right thing. Actually,  He called them out seven times in a row. Why?  He did so  because they did not practice what they preached, but they burdened others to do those things they themselves did not do. (Matthew 23:1-5)

Jesus Faces Down The Devaluing or Rejecting Children.

Here is another example: When some parents brought their children to be blessed by Jesus, the Disciples tried to prevent it. It was like they felt the children were not worth Jesus time, and they didn’t want mere children to bother Him. Well, Jesus called them out. He told them, “Let those little children come to me, and don’t keep them away, for they are a perfect example of the Kingdom of God.” 

Jesus Regarding Hurting Children

Additionally, He went on further to say, “If anyone does anything to hurt these little children, it would be better for them to have a millstone placed around their neck, and be cast into the depths of the sea.” Millstones weigh 1,500 killograms or 3,300 pounds. I am sure His message would be loud and clear today to abortionist, as well, who are destroying millions of preborn human beings, as they destroy their lives in horrendous ways. I am also sure He feels the same about other child abusers. Again, Jesus is here doing the right thing, and He is taking a stand. In such cases, He just might expect the same of us. Sure, if they repent, turn to Him as Savior and receive Him as Lord, He will forgive them, as He has already done some; however, sadly, most of these abusers do not turn. Jesus judgement has been spoken loud and clear.

The Challenge

I know it’s difficult for people to see this holy side of Jesus’s personna. People seem to want to make Jesus over in their own image. It’s cool, and easy, to think of the glorious love, mercy and grace; however, there is the justice side of Jesus. And it “ain’t” like the psuedo justice of so called progressives. We Christ Followers are challenged to be like our Lord and Savior Jesus in everyway. Just as the Wesley brothers faced down evil slavery, and helped bring it to an end in England, as they used the social media of their day, and meanwhile they spread the gospel, and they led millions to Christ at the same time. We too are called on to confront evil in our time,  as they did in their time. We, like them are to win people to Christ. And we might just need to use some form of our social media. More importantly, we are to confront it as Jesus did!

When we adopt Jesus’ Prophetic role, for we are Jesus’ hands and feet, as the body of Christ, and when we speak the truth with love to evil, this could put us in some painful places.  Nevertheless, if we are to deny ourselves, take up the Cross and follow Jesus, if we are to be like Him, we must be about the Father’s business in every way, and like Christ, we MUST do the right thing when God calls us to stand up and step up. It’s the Christ like thing to do.

Something To Think About

Keep in mind,  it is wise to be sure we are being guided by the Holy Spirit, and God’s Word, in such cases, and we need to be as Christ like as possible. Yes, we need to be available for God’s leading us in His path of righteousness for His name sake. There is evil in the world today, let’s do not let it run rampant by being afraid of conflict. Others may suffer unnecessarily, or even die, as people died in Nazi Germany, when the Church was silent. There are many who could die today, or they could at least suffer needlessly, if as God’s people, we are silent.  Edmund Burke was right: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

May God Bless You Today


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