God’s Spiritual Fruit

R.E.S.T and Grow.
The Fruit of The Spirit
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Growing in God’s grace isn’t about making rules and keeping them. It’s more about abiding with the Lord, daily, in relationship with Him, so that His Holy Spirit can flow through us and produce Spiritual Fruit and Spiritual Gifts. Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today really requires letting God grow us as we stay in relationship with Him.

Check out John 15:1-16. Read it carefully and prayerfully, and you will see what I mean, especially in verses 5 and 16. Apart from abiding in The Vine, Jesus, we, the branches, can do NO-THING. (Verse 5). We didn’t choose Jesus, but he chose us, and He appointed us to bear fruit that will last. (Verse 16). The “job” of a branch, our place in God’s grace growing plan, is to be one thing … a part of God’s Vineyard that simply rests in the Lord.


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