R.E.S.T: Being Trustworthy

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

Do you have much? Do you have little? Can you be trusted to use your stuff the way God calls you to use it? Whether you have a lot, or whether you have a little, you have it because God gifted you to have it. Or He gifted you with the ability to get where you are and have what you have.

The God Concern

The time is coming where we have lived out Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today or not. The time will come where God will ask you, and He will ask me, “What have you done with MY Stuff?” For our stuff is only loaned to us. We won’t stay on this side of eternity very long. And God has blessed us to be a blessing, whether we have a little or a lot. This is one of God’s BIG questions for you and for me. Think about this prayerfully and carefully in order to truly have life to the full.

A Prayer Seeking God’s Help.


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