R.E.S.T: Grace Words

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

How we speak greatly affects people:

1. Gracious words are sweet words to hear. Ancient Wisdom gives us a word picture that tells us these words are like a honey comb. I have had the privilege 😌 of tasting honey, and a honey comb from a be hive, and this really is a special kind of sweet. Well, the G words are really special as well.

2. They are really sweet for our souls: Indeed, that part, of each us, that God created when He first breathed the breath of life into us, which caused us to be more than a body … our soul … is blessed by such words. Their impact goes down deep to a God breathed place in us.

3. Finally, this portion of The Word of God teaches that grace words have a healing quality.

We live in an Era when combative, and uncaring words, bathed in coarse hurtful πŸ’” tones, seem to be the norm for our day. How blessed we would be if Christ Followers could shake a little salt, and shine a little light, and speak with grace.


Heavenly Father, please give me wisdom words. Please let the words flow out from me that will help sweeten other’s lives. Let my words bless them way down in their souls. And help me to speak in such a way to provide healing through your marvelous grace. Please let my words, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, help others experience Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today. In Jesus Name I pray. πŸ™ Amen


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