R.E.S.T: In One Thing

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

There is one thing the Psalmist wanted. He actually intentionally prayed for it: He wanted to live in the house of The Lord every single day of his life.  WOW! Now that is something.


Why do such a thing? Well, he wanted to be at a place, or in a place, where he could be delighted in The Lord’s perfection and use the Temple, as the place for this holy reflection, all the days of his life.

Fast Foward to Today

If we look at the 21st century, we see that we have a far greater opportunity than does the Psalmist: I say this because we don’t have to be in a particular location for this experience. Check this out: WE ARE THE LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Our bodies, if we know Jesus, serve as the Temple of The Holy Spirit! Right where we are, we can experience the perfection of our God! We can delight in Him! We can reflect on Him, Meditate on Him and experience Him, develop His gifts and have HIS Spiritual Fruit grow from the inside out! And we can do so “All The Days of” our “lives.”

The BIG Questions

What are we going to daily do with this Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today?

This really is quite a fellowship Opportunity.

God wants us to R.E.S.T. in this ONE THING Do we? God’s R.E.S.T. will rest on us if we do.


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