R.E.S.T: In Who I Am In Christ (Acceptance)

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

You Are Accepted

It’s easy to believe lies regarding our Identity. However, The Father, Son & Holy Spirit make it clear who we are.

On the other hand the World, the Flesh and the Devil are extremely deceptive; therefore, they flood us with lies about who we are and whose we are. If we believe the lies, we end up with a false, tainted and corrupt identity that robs us of our freedom that Christ gives us.

Don’t put up with the lies. Renounce the lie, and announce the truth. Repeatedly do so – OUT LOUD – until your freedom returns. Practice the spiritual practice above, of renouncing the lie , and announcing the truth. Be FREE!

Experience R.E.S.T.

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today!


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