R.E.S.T. Who I Am In Christ: (Secure.)

Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today

It’s real easy to feel insecure. This is especially true with all the craziness going on in these modern “Days of Noah.” If you look at social media with all the “perfect” families, perfect smiles, perfect houses, perfect selfies, it really is easy to look at all this non reality as if it were real. And then it would be real easy to be insecure and feel “less than.”

Then too, just look at the inflation spiral, the moral devolution and pure corruption. Look at all that is wrong being declared right, and all that is right being declared wrong. It’s enough to shake each one’s sense of balance

However, if we are in Christ and He, by His Spirit, is in us, we whom the Bible calls “Saints” are absolutely secure. We need only believe it and receive it.

Here’s your challenge: Take what is above, and, OUT LOUD, reject the lie, and announce, OUT LOUD, each scriptural truth.

Experience R.E.S.T, and through this spiritual practice, increase your sense of security. Why? Because Christ Followers are SECURE In Christ!


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